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“UnitedCyberLLC’s mission is to assist small businesses to sucessfully meet there Cybersecurity compliance audits”

Cybersecurity Advisory Services – Documentation Support – Compliance Audit Preparation – Cyberecurity Training – Security Gap Analysis – Project Management (Audit) – Patch Management Services – Cybersecurity Training Support – Process Development

Our Popular Services


Cybersecurity Training

We provide organizational cybersecurity training support and or help you identify a training provider that will ensure your training records and organizational requirements meet specific Cybersecurity Framework requirements


Documentation Support

We ensure your documentation meets specific Cybersecurity Framework requirements such as NIST, FedRAMP, ISO, PCI-DSS and SOC-2


Security Gap Analysis

We will conduct a security gap analysis to help small business prioritize cybersecurity concerns for audit preparation


Process Development

We can assist you with process development to ensure your organizational requirements is aligned with Cybersecurity best practices


Audit Preparation Services

We can assist you with audit preparation services such as conducing internal reviews, mock audits and assist with artifact collection prior to the start of your assessment


Patch Management Support

We can provide support for vulnerability management by assisting you with setup of vulnerability scanning and help you identify prioritization for remedation of findings